Azure in the Government of Canada

Ottawa IT professionals is a new user group that Colin Smith and I started late this year and we had our first meetup on December 4th. We are trying something different that is less formal but gives an opportunity for everyone to meet, discuss, share challenges and accomplishments. Each meetup will have a topic but no set agenda.

Our first topic was about Azure in the Government of Canada, a big subject to talk about for public cloud and the Federal public sector challenges they are facing. I thought it was especially important to talk about this since the Government of Canada journey into public cloud is so new and how this is an exciting time for anyone who works in the public sector to architect, develop, deploy and maintain cloud resources.

There are many challenges that I face as a Cloud Solution Architect working with public sector clients, but none are as challenging as the IT security rules and to be honest, I love it. How do you architect something that is modern but still follows the rules! This is what I spoke about.

I was happy to talk about securing workloads and the challenges I faced but was equally grateful to hear from others that have had the same challenges but found another solution that I had not thought of.

Sharing knowledge is a wonderful thing.