Azure DevOps Community launch: Ottawa Edition

This week was the last event I organized for 2018 with my partner in crime Joel Hebert for the Azure DevOps Community launch here in Ottawa. We had a lot of excitement locally for this event and we more than doubled our initial estimated attendance with just about 100 people coming in.

We had some amazing speakers at our event:

  • Wes MacDonal / Keynote and demo
  • Tanya Janca / OWASP DevSlop: DevSecOps with Azure DevOps Pipelines
  • Frank Boucher / Build a complete CI/CD with Azure DevOps & Integrate GitHub In our Continuous Integration
  • Ahmed Al-Assad / Introduction to Git for Centralized Version Control users


A successful event cannot happen without sponsors and a big thank you to our sponsors for the swag, catering and event space.

Microsoft Syncfusion Redgate

Organizing an event is a lot of hard work and I must say it was odd for me not to speak at an event. But it was nice to sit back and enjoy the event and see everyone learning about the great new features in Azure DevOps.