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Azure Kubernetes Hackfest - Day 2

1 minute read

With day one complete and everyone is at the same or better level of there understanding of containers and Kubernetes we move on to the final day of the HAck...

Azure Kubernetes Hackfest - Day 1

2 minute read

I travelled to Toronto this week to attend the Azure Kubernetes Hackfest for Microsoft and Partners to learn more about container orchestration and some of t...

Azure Site to Site VPN with Cisco Meraki

2 minute read

Recently I received a Cisco Meraki Z3 from my work to be used at home as a teleworker gateway. If you don’t know what a Meraki Z3 it’s a teleworker gateway ...

Azure Assign User to Subscription

less than 1 minute read

Once again today, I was asked about Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in Azure and how to assign a new user to the subscription.