Personal notes for preparing for the GitHub Actions Certification

Code Security

Manage Dependabot PRs

Dependabot creates pull requests to upgrade dependencies. You can configure your repository to get pull requests for version updates and/or security updates from Dependabot. You handle these pull requests like any other pull request, but you can also use some additional commands.

Automating Dependabot with GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions workflows can run on Dependabot’s pull requests and comments, but some events have different behaviors.

When Dependabot ( == ‘dependabot[bot]’) starts workflows using the pull_request, pull_request_review, pull_request_review_comment, push, create, deployment, and deployment_status events, these limitations apply:

  • GITHUB_TOKEN has read-only permissions by default.
  • Secrets are populated from Dependabot secrets. GitHub Actions secrets are not available.
  • For workflows initiated by Dependabot ( == ‘dependabot[bot]’) using the pull_request_target event, if the base ref of the pull request was created by Dependabot ( == ‘dependabot[bot]’), the GITHUB_TOKEN will be read-only and secrets are not available.